On one of the last days of the trip, we went to a beautiful region of Haiti, Jacmel. After walking around the city and visiting a local art museum, we headed for the beach. I have never been to a more beautiful beach than the stony beaches of Jacmel. After being treated to a wonderful chicken dinner and spicy goat shish kabobs, the group watched a beautiful sunset and headed back for our final days in Haiti.

Lake of the Woods

There are many things that make a person an Oregonian, but to me one of the defining qualities is a great love for the outdoors. My fondest memories from childhood all take place outdoors – whether hiking Table Rock with my class every year since kindergarten, or camping in the desert, or playing on the beach, each memory revolves around nature. My grandfather taught me from a young age to have a great appreciation for nature and I have spent many long hours with him on drives through the mountains, hot summer days fishing, and many day trips to one of my favorite places in Oregon, Lake of the Woods.